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People are always asking me what happens at IPN Global meetings. After 10 years of membership and 20 meetings, I can tell you each one is an amazing experience.

First a little background. Since our members are located around the world, our twice-a-year meetings are too. Each one is hosted by a member and held in the city where they do business. For me, that means I get to experience the culture, business environment, food and drink of my global friends.

I’ve been from Australia to England and Israel to Portugal. While each meeting is different, they all have the same purpose – to share ideas on business, strategy and technology while we build the relationships we need to serve our clients on a global basis. As a group, we participate in team building exercises. We tour the area. We go over business case studies. We talk about new initiatives members are working on. And we learn more about the companies and people that make up IPN Global.

It’s about business … and friendships
As an IPN member I have been able to take advantage of many opportunities that have not only benefited myself and TREKK but other member companies. By attending IPN Global meetings, I’ve made more than business connections. I’ve made life-long friendships. I interact with fellow members on a weekly basis. I can call any member on the phone, skype, or facetime at any time of the day. In fact, I have been fortunate enough to develop what I call 4 a.m. friendships. That means that no matter the time of day, they’ll be there for me.

See what it’s like for yourself

IPN Global is a unique group built on strong business connections and friendships that you won’t encounter anywhere else. If you’re curious about IPN Global, I encourage you to attend a meeting and experience it for yourself. After participating in one of our meetings, companies can decide whether they want to be considered for membership.

Join us at a meeting

If you’re interested in joining us at our next meeting, fill out an Expression of Interest Form.

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