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My last blog post on marketing asset management generated a lot of interest from both global brands and print service providers. Many wanted to learn more about the way IPN Global companies work together across the globe to serve multi-national companies.

One of the companies our network serves is Trimble Navigation Limited. It’s a perfect example of how The Kennickell Group, with the support of IPN Global members, solve complex challenges for global companies.

A Case Study in Global Marketing Materials

First a little background. Trimble provides positioning solutions to the agriculture, engineering and construction, and transportation and logistics industries. Best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions.

While the company has regional offices or manufacturing centers in more than 35 countries, it sells its 400+ products primarily through a network of independent dealers and distribution partners in more than 150 countries.

As you can imagine, supporting this large network with marketing collateral can be challenging. Until recently, Trimble?s processes for creating, managing and distributing printed materials were like those used by many global companies. Most were produced and warehoused in the U.S. Dealers would place orders via an online portal and they were shipped around the world.

Digitally Printed for Local Delivery

While the company had created an extensive portfolio of high-quality collateral, the dealers weren’t always using them. Many – especially those located outside North America – complained that it took too long to get them and shipping costs were too high. In addition, most were only available in English and couldn’t be co-branded or customized such as these perfect bound books with full customizability that other print providers can offer.

When Trimble came to The Kennickell Group, we implemented a marketing asset management solution that leverages the power of IPN Global. Today, Trimble marketing collateral uses localized content that is digitally printed in small quantities for local delivery. The resulting benefits include:

  • Reduces delivery times and shipping costs
  • Allows dealers to easily co-brand or otherwise customize most materials
  • Enables materials to be cost-effectively printed in small quantities, allowing Trimble to provide marketing materials in 32 languages
  • Virtually eliminates obsolescence waste
  • Increases usage, contributing to increased dealer sales

And that’s how the Global Friends help our customers. By working together, we create new opportunities for everyone.

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