Who Are We?

IPN Global is an alliance of friends representing leading-edge companies in the printing, visual communications and graphic art industry. With over 200 locations around the globe and world-class capabilities, IPN helps organisations around the world to do business globally.

IPN members work together to provide all the services companies need to deliver their brand assets throughout the world. From localised printing to local market knowledge, they are global ambassadors of thoughts and ideas.

A Bit of History
Like many great ideas, IPN owes its existence to opportunity rather than planning. It began when a large industry supplier brought together some of the world’s leading companies in 1990 to better understand the graphics arts and commercial printing market. It didn’t take long before those taking part began to realize the full potential of their combined group and the network was formed in the summer of 1993. They developed strong and lasting friendships, creating an excellent foundation to create a powerhouse of innovation and strategy.
How it Works

Through its global network of friends, IPN Global provide a seamless service where companies have access to a worldwide solution for distribution of all their visual and printed communications.

Instead of producing everything at one location and then shipping the finished project around the world, a digital file is sent by one IPN Friend to others who ensure the work is printed, finished and delivered within hours rather than days. Each IPN member has the resources and the skills to ensure that all printed and visual information is delivered to the highest standards – at the local level – when it’s needed.

The premise is simple. The benefits are powerful:

  • Eliminate international shipping and customs charges
  • Reduce risk and delays
  • Minimize costly overruns
  • Trim inventory and waste
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Gain access to a wide range of print and visual information services and solutions
  • Profit from IPN members’ global and local market knowledge
Why it Works

Business is built on relationships. And when you’re doing business globally, the greater the distance, the stronger the relationship needs to be. For more than two decades, IPN Global companies have invested significant time and money to build close working relationships with each other so they can offer a truly global service. A service that brings together people who care, and who are both local to where the project originates and to all the places where it needs to be delivered.

Companies that have discovered IPN Global and its unique service are continually amazed by what an organisation built on friendships can achieve. They also know that having “global friends” is so much more valuable than just a name in a directory.

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The day-to-day business of the IPN is managed by a team of volunteer directors elected by the membership.

HOME Willem Jubels Chairman

HOME Jeff Alexander Board Member

HOME Graham Bromley Technical Representative

HOME Roger Gimbel Board Member

HOME Paul Kelly Board Member

HOME Leon Kaplan Board Member

HOME Al Kennickell Board Member

HOME Edwin Ng Board Member

HOME Brian Hibbitt Treasurer and Company Secretary

HOME Axel Both Board Member

HOME Frédérique Fabi Board Member