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For companies that sell globally, lead generation and making sure distributors, channel partners, resellers and global sales forces have accurate sales and marketing collateral is a real issue. It’s one that many of our clients have struggled with.

Problem is, they are spending a lot of money printing, shipping and warehousing marketing materials that may ultimately be thrown away if they become obsolete before they’re used. Worse yet, slow delivery and high domestic freight costs have caused many sales organizations to stop ordering approved materials and develop their own collateral instead. That creates a whole new set of issues around brand consistency and even incorrect product specifications.

A Global Solution to Collateral Distribution

One of the solutions we’ve developed to solve these challenges uses a combination of a marketing asset management system (MAM), online storefront and the IPN Global network.

The marketing asset management system keeps digital versions of a company’s brand in one location. Those brand assets could be company and product logos, templates and content in multiple languages. Using an online storefront, partners and salespeople can order brochures, sell sheets and other collateral they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once approved, the order is automatically directed to an IPN Global member in the region where the materials are ordered. Then, they produce the collateral locally, greatly reducing freight costs and turnaround times.

This approach has the added benefit of ensuring brand consistency, increasing relevance to the customer and building better partnerships through co-branded and customized marketing materials.

Research by the CMO Council shows that over half of the total spending associated with marketing materials results from product obsolescence and costs associated with storage, fulfillment, shipping and inventory management. For our clients, the benefits of printing locally and on-demand are lower costs, quicker fulfillment and more relevant materials.

Read the Whitepaper

If you’d like to learn more about the value of marketing asset management solutions and read a case study about our client, Trimble Navigation Limited, request a copy of the whitepaper.

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