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Alexander’s Print Advantage was founded in 1979 and has been a member of IPN Global since 1999. The company specializes in print automation programs and on-demand book printing, along with digital printing, finishing and fulfillment. It leverages advanced software and technology to develop unique and effective solutions for its customers that include training and seminar organizations, franchises, publishers and software companies.

Located in Lindon, Utah, its close proximity to Las Vegas gives Alexander’s an advantage when it comes to delivering print collateral and signage for conventions and customer events. For Alexander’s customers – or any IPN Global member’s customers – any print that needs to be shipped there or the West Coast can be delivered in one to two days.

In the last year, the company has expanded its corporate profile by acquiring MyCanvas from Ancestry.com. MyCanvas focuses on creating personalized photobooks, custom calendars and posters based on an individual’s family history. Along with acquiring MyCanvas, Alexanders’ has also greatly expanded its capabilities by investment in additional digital printing systems and finishing equipment.

Innovation at work

Alexander’s Print Advantage is focused on innovation to meet the rapidly changing needs of the marketplace and using its digital know-how to develop creative solutions to customer challenges.

When FranklinCovey launched a “world tour” program that offered seminars in locations around the world, it chose Alexander’s Printing Advantage to deliver both marketing and training materials. Because FranklinCovey wanted each participant to feel valued, Alexander’s created personalized mailers to drive registrations in each of the markets it was targeting. Once registrants signed up, Alexander’s created personalized communications and training materials for each individual participant. The customized collateral was delivered to each seminar location without a hiccup.

The work Alexander’s did for FrankCovey offers a great example of the way IPN Friends work collaboratively to deliver truly global programs for customers around the world. Want to learn more about how Alexander’s Printing Advantage can help your business? Call Jeff Alexander at 801-224-8666 or visit alexanders.com.

Find out how the IPN Friends can help you do business globally

Learn more about how Alexander’s Print Advantage and the other IPN Global members work together to give you a worldwide solution for distribution of all your visual and printed communications? Download our “Work With Us” information packet.

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