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Montreal-based Pazazz was founded in 1992. Over the last two decades, it has grown from a modest commercial print shop to an industry leading cross-media solutions company, employing 90 people and occupying a 100,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility.

The company is the exclusive Canadian member of IPN Global. As part of this network of 200+ locations, Pazazz works with other members to provide global brands with solutions for visual and printed communications worldwide. Global brands have come to depend on IPN Global for capability and capacity that not only reduces or eliminates shipping charges, but also speeds production, minimizes waste and ensures brand consistency.

Pazazz serves clients across a wide range of industries with services that span digital short-run, large-format, packaging, labels, POP signage, promotional items and more. Its print work can be found in food and beverage, health and beauty, consumer electronics, as well as retail and hospitality industries.

Well-known for its ability to print large sizes both offset and large format, the company creates corporate documents, catalogs, magazines, art books and promotional materials on press sheets up to 40? x 56?. Its large format capabilities include single tiles of up to 120″ wide and the ability to thermo-weld allowing you to expand that to virtually size you want. This makes is perfect for billboards, car wraps, tradeshow graphics and massive format murals.

Its packaging and label printing services go beyond just printing. Pazazz experts work with you to help you create the type, size and finish of the package you want. With a printing capacity of 56″ and 6 colors along with inline coating allow them to produce virtually any package design and shape. Label printing is done on a HP Indigo 6600 that produces exceptional images, graphics and text. The Pazazz design team will not only help you design and create mock-ups, but help you find the perfect material based on the conditions it will be used, so it achieves your desired performance.

The company’s passion for printing is demonstrated by the fact they are first and only print company in Canada to become PANTONE Certified. It is the most robust color quality certification available to printers. To acquire this rigorous certification, you must demonstrate competence not only in the production process but also the ability to use instrumentation and software, all while maintaining meticulous processes to control to measure, communicate and color correct.

In addition to its PANTONE® certification, the company is also G7 Master Printer and GRACoL certified, allowing its staff to produce exquisitely accurate proofs for its customers. It then uses computer-to-plate technology to ensure that what gets printed is exactly what was approved.

Pazazz passion doesn’t stop at printing. The company is also very sensitive to its impact on the environment and fully participate in sustainable initiatives. A commitment to protecting the environment and create a healthier world always at the forefront of their business. They are achieving this by offering a variety of eco-friendly paper, using biodegradable or plastics that can be recycled, and using earth friendly UV and VOC-free inks. They also more frequently use a thermal printer, like the thermal printer brother manufactures, which doesn’t use any ink. This means no empty ink cartridges being disposed of.

To learn more about Pazazz, call (514) 856-3330 or visit its website.


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