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Since Response Network was founded by Willem Jubels Sr. in 1902, the printing company has continually reinvented itself to keep up with the changing marketplace. From Letterpress to the modern age of digital printing and now 3D printing, it has remained at the forefront of printing technologies. Today, the company is led by a fourth generation Willem Jubels. Its modern print facilities in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, the Hague and Leiden deliver both simple and complex jobs across Randstad, a megalopolis in the Netherlands.

Response Network has extensive experience in digital short-run, traditional long run, web and print combination, cross-media personalized communications, large-format print and 3D printing. It prides itself on being the go-to resource for reliable, innovative solutions – printing exactly what you need, when you need it.

The company recently teamed with Magazine Plaza, which offers its customers a state-of-the-art platform to create and publish their own professional-quality magazines. Response Network was not only able to provide the short-run fulfillment need, but also streamline the process. By writing an import filter in Filemaker to import the customer’s XML files (which includes links to the various parts of the document, including low-res previews, high-res covers and content), Magazine Plaza was able to deliver magazines to its customers five days faster than before. The commitment to creative solutions to a customer’s unique challenges keeps customers coming back.

Response Network is committed to the environment and giving back to society. It compensates its CO2 emissions through Climate Neutral Group and only uses papers that have at least two environmental certificates. The company also works with Heliomare to employ people with physical or mental challenges. In fact, 5 percent of its current staff is employed via the organization. In addition, Response Network supports many projects that wouldn’t be financially feasible without its support, such as Amsterdam Gay Pride, Amsterdam Beach and more. The company proudly supports the Dutch Olympic team and even has a Dutch Olympic sprint team member on staff!

But perhaps the most impressive accomplishment is always finding a way to have a yearly company barbecue no matter what the Dutch climate throws at them.

To learn more about Response Network, call +31 (0)20-627-2425 or visit response.network


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