IPN Global Partners

In order to create more mutual value, the IPN has decided to create the Business Partner concept. The objective is to develop a process that encourages a closer relationship with vendors to the mutual benefit of the vendors and members alike.

Partner Opportunities

  • Insight about industry needs
  • Honest, global feedback on new product ideas
  • Introduction to new technologies and services
  • Access to meetings and your C-level prospect
  • Contribute to the content of our program
  • Participate in our expo
  • Provide a demo or pitch your newest services
  • Share your knowledge and vision and build your brand
  • Join our social program and receive informal 1-on-1

Profits and Advantages

Upgraded brand awareness, deepend business relations and access to streetwise knowledge and experience are some of the benefits you will receive as a trusted business partner. Most importantly, you get honest feedback and an efficient way to meet your global customers, in one place.

Business Partner Requirements

  • Dedicated C-level participation
  • Attendance at IPN meetings to develop relationships
  • A multi-year commitment, necessary for building trusted relationships and an in-depth understanding of each other's business

The power of global friends:

Major industry suppliers regularly seek our advice and counsel before developing new products. In return, they help sponsor our meetings where we exchange ideas, strategies and technologies.

IPN Global meetings are held twice each year – in locations around the globe. Meeting in different parts of the world gives us all a better appreciation of how business is done globally. It also gives each of us the opportunity to exchange ideas on business, strategy and technology, as well as share new products and processes.

How you can help

Our members already bear the cost of travel to the meeting location, so sponsoring our meetings helps defray their costs and gives you access to IPN members representing more than 200 locations world-wide. Our members are all at CEO or top management level, offering you the opportunity to network with real decision makers in a congenial, relaxed setting:

  • Hear what we have to say about industry needs
  • Get our feedback on your new product ideas
  • Introduce us to new technologies, products and services that will help us serve our global customers
Help defray our costs by sponsoring our:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Tours
  • Meals
  • Breaks and snacks
Share your knowledge at one of our meetings:

  • Give a presentation
  • Participate in a discussion panel
  • Demonstrate your equipment
  • Tour your manufacturing facilities or demo centre
Get started

To learn more about our meeting sponsorship opportunities and how we can help each other, contact:

Roger Gimbel

Call: +1 (917) 414 3125

Email: roger@rogergimbel.com